IT ADJUSTMENT (CHI or LA $200 or above) / IW ADJUSTMENT (BRANCH $199 or below) 

IT adjustments are done at the MDC and need to occur when a transfer problem is greater than $200 (the $200 threshold could be just one item, or multiple items with issues on the same transfer that add up to over $200). When an IT adjustment occurs, the MDC makes the system adjustment to the home branch AND the MDC.

IW adjustments are done at the branch and occur when a transfer problem is less than $200. No AS400 action is required from the MDC (other than correcting the MDC inventory if it is off).  

Our goal is to research your request and make any needed IT adjustments or follow up on any IW adjustments you have made at the branch the day you logged the issue (if after 5pm EST, it will be handled the next business day).