When you receive your transfer, but some items do not load into your inventory and you did not receive them, the item most likely needs to be cancelled. This is very different from NOT RECEIVING AN ITEM, or RECEIVING LESS which requires an IT or IW adjustment. If you identify this problem, you will save yourself some time and data entry by using the CANCEL LINE option. To validate if this is indeed the problem, on the order entry screen in the AS400, enter your transfer number (be sure to include the ST), change the status from 544 thru 545. If any items appear, they are "STUCK"! This can occur for many reasons, product out of stock or bins not replenished from over stock and the items are not cancelled prior to the truck leaving, to name a few. If items are at 545 and this is not resolved, it could cause you to not receive this item in the future. In addition, the receipt dates will continue to show to the CSC and customers using LJ Connect that it is due in.

Our goal is to have your items "stuck" at 544 and 545 the day you logged the issue (if after 5pm EST, it will be handled the next business day).